Our Mission

  Our mission is to stabilize former-inmates and help them acquire basic necessities; training and employment which helps individuals learn work skills, improve their self-esteem and gain employment references.



  We are looking for all kinds of volunteers.

 Would you like to make a difference in our community?

 Do you need to do community service?

Second Chance

  • Rental and Bank owned rental property cleanout and securing
  • Foreclosure trash outs and clean up
  • Rental property restoration
  • Contract Labor- by the hour or the job
  • Our employee training service.
  • Worker training and reference services.
"Since the guys at  Second Chance finished my landscaping all my neighbors comment on how nice it looks."


Oriolle Jenks

Spokane South hill rental property owner.


We don't hire former inmates to do work,

We work so we can hire former inmates.


The Lives We Impact

We are organizing for volunteer fall clean up crews.


Oct 18 2013

Fall is here and we are ready to pick up your leaves

I like the Idea of  ex-inmates getting back to work,, but not at my house.

Second Chance Industries